Surface Prep

A mechanical removal process that ensures the topping or underlayment will adhere. Grinding, shot blasting or scarifying using state-of-the-art equipment roughens up the floor surface to remove surface contaminants that may act as a bond breaker when topping is applied.


Troweled cement based patch or self-leveled product that will eventually be covered by a finished flooring material of clients choice.

Moisture Mitigation

Accu Flow uses Ardex MC-Rapid Moister Mitigation System® and carries a 25 year warrantee, backed by Ardex Inc. This system stops moister from penetrating through the flooring surface and prevents flooring from delaminating and harboring mold.

Designer Floors

Accu Flow can provide a variety of colored stains to perfectly match your space. We use tried and true installation techniques to ensure your floor comes out exactly how you imagined.

Decorative Concrete

Accu Flow offers a variety of stains, polishes or another epoxy coating. For this step, Accu Flow has the ability and expertise to work alongside architects & designers to ensure the concrete stain matches the look and feel of any interior space.

Polished Toppings & Existing Concrete

Done using a variety of Ardex toppings over existing concrete for a finished look that stands up to wear and tear. Meant to perform and withstand in commercial and retail spaces.

*Accu Flow is an Ardex PANDOMO™ certified installer

Exterior Concrete Resurfacing 

Weather takes a toll on your exterior concrete. Cracks, holes, and level changes happen overtime. Resurfacing will restore your walkway or driveway so it looks fresh and new.